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Parent Meeting

  • 21 May 2009
  • 7:00 PM
  • Victoria Golf Course Clubhouse

There will be a meeting for parents only on Thursday evening somewhere, probably at 7pm. We will confirm to you where and when.  This meeting is for parents only to volunteer for positions we need filled.  Most of these positions require little or no golf knowledge or experience.  Don't worry, you probably won't have to quit your regular job to make enough time.  Examples of positions are:


  • Shed builders (probably within the next 10 days or so)
  • Golf club inventory coordinator
  • Senior / junior tournament organizer
  • Scholarship application
  • Instructors for Rules / Etiquette / preshot routine (experienced/advanced golfers only)
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Volunteer Ransom jury
  • AGA cards coordinator
  • Junior Girls Coordinator
  • Prize Donations coordinator
  • Rules quiz facilitator
  • Organizational wizard
  • Legal expert - to make sure we file all of our info properly and on time
  • Registrations guru
  • Website Updater (is easy once you are taught)
  • Tournament Subsidy and Playing subsidy coordinator
  • ...and lots more


At this meeting we can let you know what is required.  If there is a position that you feel that you are well suited for then please let me know as soon as possible.  You are also more than welcome to take on several positions.


If you already know what your position is, and know what you are doing please contact me as we may not need to see you there.


We will also need volunteers for our golf tournaments but we will not be doing sign up for this til later.


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