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2017 GROUP LESSONS - New CN Future Links Program


There will be a variety of new programming this year with the implementation of the CN Future Links teaching model. 

The CN Future Links program is similar to other familiar programs such as swimming lessons in that students will progress through different levels of courses based on ability. Each of the courses has clearly defined pass / fail criteria and basic thresholds must be met in order for the child to progress to the next level. Instead of badges, when a Junior successfully completes a level, they will be sent a Puma Jr Golf hat in the colour of the program they just passed. 

ORANGE ​(Target age 6-9) - ​A perfect continuation from Active Start programs offered through other City of Edmonton programming. During this stage, kids will continue to develop their ABC’S (Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed) with more emphasis placed on speed. Children will continue the mastery of fundamental movement skills and begin to focus more on golf specific skills. Parents will have access to important readings pertaining to children and development in sports. To register: Registration Page

BLUE ​(Target age 8-10) - ​In this stage we introduce all sport skills, continue with the mastery of fundamental moving skill and place a heavier emphasis on golf specific skills. This stage also emphasizes the development of speed and mobility.  To register: Registration Page

BLACK ​(Target age 9-13) - This is one of the most critical stages. This is a period of accelerated learning of coordination and fine motor control and where we begin to really ingrain golf specific skills. This is the time to develop and refine all fundamental movement skills, learn overall sport skills and establish flexibility and endurance.  To register: Registration Page

FOR AGES 14+ - Please contact the RVJGC-E directly to discuss options for lessons: 


Determining the right colour stage 

Orange - Key Competencies: 

Junior golfer can 

  • demonstrate the ability to hold a club with two hands close together with feet on either side of the ball.
  • demonstrate the ability to swing arms back and then swing through to a reasonably balanced finish 
  • copy/imitate an instructor. 
  • name different parts of the golf course such as tee, green, fairway, bunker and rough. 

Safety & etiquette:

Being quiet when someone is hitting - 11 Golden Rules of Golf Safety 

  1. Never swing a club unless your instructor tells you to do so 
  2. Never swing a club unless you are in the Safe Hitting Zone or on the golf course while it is safe to do so 
  3. Look before you swing to make sure swing area and landing area are clear. Stay well behind those swinging clubs or hitting balls 
  4. Carry clubs in the Cane position 
  5. Never run forward of the Safe Hitting Zone or ahead of those playing on the course. 
  6. Never hit others with clubs or balls 
  7. Yell FORE as loudly as you can if your ball is heading towards someone. If you hear someone yell FORE, turn away and cover your head and eyes 
  8. No running on the course or practice area unless approved by your instructor 
  9. When others are hitting balls, stand in a position directly opposite them where you can see their eyes, or behind the ball with lots of space between you and the golfers 
  10. Avoid walking to close to ponds, creeks and rivers 
  11. Always stay seated and hold on to the handles while riding in a golf cart

If the participant demonstrates all of the above ORANGE competencies, they should be started in BLUE.

Blue - Key Competencies: 

Junior golfer has a functioning grip, posture and alignment. There will be noticeable area to improve in the set-up but the Junior can function to the benchmarks below.  The Junior golfer can:

  • increase the number of solid contact by 20% with any club 
  • when putting the Junior controls the distance the ball rolls to within 25% of the length of the putt (ie ball rolls within 5 feet on a 20 foot putt) 
  • when chipping at least 40% of chip shots from a stable environment have a functional loft for the given sht and club selected 
  • demonstrates a more advanced understanding of golf etiquette (eg safety, keeping score of self and others, raking bunkers, repairing ball marks, where to leave your golf bag etc). Although inconsistent, the Junior is aware of other people and objects while swinging. 
  • explain what to do in case of lightning while practicing or playing. 
  • demonstrate basic knowledge of the Rules of Golf including examples such as: order of play, when a penalty stroke should occur, use of tee markers and when the flagstick should be removed.

If the participant demonstrates all of the above BLUE competencies, they should be started in BLACK.

Registration Page


In the event that a lesson time/session does not meet the minimum capacity requirements, lessons may be either cancelled or rescheduled at the discretion of the program organizer.

No make up lessons or lesson credit will be provided for those that miss one or more lessons - the costs will remain no matter how many of the lessons a Junior attends.

If the City of Edmonton must cancel a lesson a replacement lesson will be offered.

If a RAIN OUT for outdoor lessons only (according to the Golf Pro) occurs a replacement lesson will be offered.

Please only register in the level that fits for your child - this is for their benefit - NO EXCEPTIONS, 

Any questions, please send an email to:

Brett Prosser CPGA




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