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Handicap Information

2020 Handicap Information for River Valley Junior Golf Club - Edmonton:

The RCGA handicap system is now ready for you to use to enter your scores for calculating your handicap. If you are a returning member, your previously entered rounds are still in the system.   You can conveniently enter your scores from home or at any course using this system. Go to the following website:


In order to access your RCGA ID log into the RVJGC-E website and "View Profile" (top right corner).  You will find your user name under "Contact data" as "RCGA ID"   Never change your username!

-Log into the Golf Canada website using the username on your profile. Your password is initially ‘123456’.  If an error comes up after logging into the site click on "Home"

-Once you have logged in, click on "My Profile". Then click on "Edit Profile".

-Click on “Edit Personal Info” and correct any errors in the spelling of your name.

If you wish, enter your address, phone number, and birth date. Add a nickname or other if you like.  Click “Save”.

-Scroll down to "Edit Courses and Default Tee". If your preferred home course (

Victoria or Riverside) is not displayed, click on "Search Course Directory". If you want Riverside as your default course, enter "riv", select Alberta, and click "Search".

Check the box for "Edmonton Riverside Golf Club – 

Riverside" and click "Select".


-Select the default tee that you play from. Girls play from the Red tees. Boys at V

ictoriaplay from the White tees. Boys at Riversidewith a handicap factor of 18 or less play from the Blue tees. Boys at Riverside with a handicap factor over 18 play from the White tees.  Click "Save Changes".

-Change your password. Click “Account | Change User/Password”. Change the question and answer that can be used to recover a forgotten password.

-Click “Edit Member Profile”. Add any greeting, or other information that you like.

Select the Profile Access that you desire. We suggest that you select "PRIVATE".  Click on "Submit".

-Note the "Network ID" for your account. You can use this ID to enter scores from the kiosk at any course using the RCGA Handicap System. The Member Name Lookup option at 

Victoria and Riversidedoes not work for Junior members. Now your account is ready for you to add scores. The interface is fairly self-explanatory.  Just click on "Enter Score" and follow the directions. Be sure you enter all the scores (including any 9-hole scores) for any rated courses that you have played. Also be sure to adjust your hole scores according to the ESC Score Adjusting Guidelines that you see near the top of that page. Since Par-3 courses are not rated, don't try to enter in your scores from Rundle Park.

Important update regarding RCGA website/login for handicaps

All members will have their RCGA ID entered into their profile.

If you cannot locate your RCGA ID on your profile please contact the administrator at:rivervalley.juniorgolf@gmail.com

River Valley Junior Golf Club – Edmonton

Box 68075

162 Bonnie Doon Mall

Edmonton, AB, T6C 4N6

Phone: (780) 616-9168

E-mail: rivervalley.juniorgolf@gmail.com


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