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RVJGC-E Golf Savings Made Easy!

One of the main advantages of RVJGC-E membership is inexpensive golf.  How much do Junior Golfers save?  Well, that depends on membership level.  Let’s go through our fee schedule and see!

Level 1 Membership
Our Level 1 membership is a terrific value for beginner golfers.  It costs $100 and allows a Junior Golfer to play 10 rounds of 18 holes at Rundle Park Par 3 Golf Course.  That works out to $10.00 a round.  Compare that to $28 (Monday-Friday) and $34 (Weekends & Holidays) regular rates and the savings are 62% and 70% respectively.  The savings versus a Rundle Park multi-pass ($202.50) is 51%.

And remember - Juniors may golf any time at Rundle Park!

Levels 2 and 3 allow Juniors play up to half of all rounds at Riverside or Victoria Golf Courses.  The city green fees at Riverside and Victoria tend to be  about 1.5 times more than Rundle Park fees ($47 for rounds Monday to Friday and $58 on weekends and holidays). We’ll factor that into our calculations for these levels by weighting RVJGC-E prices per round accordingly, allowing 67% of RVJGC-E membership price to be for Riverside/Victoria rounds, and 33% for Rundle rounds.

Level 2 membership
Level 2 membership is a good fit for the recreational golfer who will play three or four times a month.  At $200 a Junior can golf 12 rounds of 18 holes, a maximum of 6 of which can be played at Victoria or Riverside Golf Courses; the remainder to be played at Rundle Park.   The Level 2 cost per round works to about $22 at Riverside and Victoria and $11 Rundle Park.  Compared to regular rates a Level 2 golfer saves 42% (Monday to Friday) and 58% (weekends and holidays).  Savings at Rundle Park are 59% and 67% respectively.

Level 3 membership
For $300, a level 3 membership allows golfers to hit the links once or twice a week (24 rounds of 18 holes, maximum 12 rounds may be played at Riverside/Victoria, remainder at Rundle Park).   RVJGC-E cost per round is $16.75 for Victoria/Riverside, and $8.25 for Rundle Park rounds.  Savings are 61% (Monday-Friday), and 68% (weekends and holidays).  Savings at Rundle Park are 69% and 75% respectively.  

Level 4 Membership
A Level 4 membership ($400) is for the Junior that will golf over 40+ rounds during the season.  Saving to this category is dependent on the individual.

Remember that inexpensive golf is only one benefit enjoyed by Junior Golfers.  Don’t forget that we offer group lessons, tournaments, scholarships & bursaries etc.  When you roll them all together, a kid who likes to play golf would be crazy not to join!

Please note for Riverside and Victoria Golf Courses: Junior Golfers can play any time Monday thru Friday and after 3 pm weekends and holidays.

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